A Brand New Schenk

A brand new Schenk

A brand new Schenk

Hello Dear Customers! And welcome to the new Schenk!

As part of a continuous search for excellence and improvement, we have been working towards improving our website experience and branding. The main objective is to bring you new and exciting functionalities to improve your experience and interaction with our services.

Let’s take a look at some of the new functionalities that you can start using right away!

A Renovated brand image

Schenk is glad to present the next step in our branding. In commemoration of our 50th anniversary in 2018, we unveiled our new brand image, with a new logo and our renovated intention to bring excellence in all our products. That has been reflected in our catalogs and website.

In the time since we have been on a quest to improve our customers interactions with our brand. That means deeper and faster interaction with our Customer Service Team, new and faster website, and renovated collateral material such as catalogs and eblast campaigns to bring you news for upcoming products and special offers.

Improve Customer Service Team

Today we are excited to share with you our new and improved Customer Service Team. We are proud to have a team of CSR professionals with extensive experience in the sector and deep knowledge of our products that are prepared to help you with all your requests.

A Brand new Schenk CSR Team

Schenk Customer Service Team

A new online experience

Over the past few years, we have collected feedback on user experience from all our customers, with the goal of improving customer interaction with our online platform. All this knowledge is reflected on our new Website with multiple new functionalities.

  • Improved User Experience – We have been paying close attention to what you checked the most, and we have made it easier for our customers to find the information that they seek.
  • Improved Décor, Glass and Monaco Filters – We have expanded our filter system, and have rewired it for an easier user experience. You will be able to find the specific product you are looking for, on our more than 250 products easier and faster than ever before.
  • NEW Décor, Glass and Monaco Comparison feature – Select and compare the specifications of every Décors, Glass and Monaco in the same tab. No more having 10 Tabs on you browser, compare our products in one page.
  • NEW Sample request Program – Register on our new Sample program, and keep track of all the samples you have ordered. And remember, all our samples are still FREE.
  • NEW Blog – A place to read about News usch as upcoming products and events. General knowledge and experience.

Do you want to know more about those and more features to come? Check our specific blog post

New Catalogues coming up

A Brand new Schenk Catalogue
Upcoming Schenk catalogs

With all those new improvements we couldn’t forget our catalogs. In the next months, we will make available or printed material with all the information regarding our Decor and Glass as well as Made to order products for your quick reference.


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A Brand New Schenk

A brand new Schenk

Hello Dear Customers! And welcome to the new Schenk! As part of a continuous search for excellence and improvement, we have been working towards improving

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