Schenk’s mission over the last 50 years has been to manufacture premium custom-made cabinets components and the distribution of hardware components of the highest levels of quality through an excellent customer services, to bring trend-forward design elements that create the framework for contemporary environments.

About Our History

About OurHistory

For 50 years, Schenk has provided architects, designers, millworkers, and a diverse array of retail clients located throughout North America with a broad range of interior design solutions.

Founded by Gernot Schenk in 1968, Schenk Architectural Imports Ltd. has become a pioneer in Calgary’s cabinet and furniture design industry.

The evolution of Schenk throughout its 50 year history is best summed up by Schenk current owner, who states:

We invest in technologies and processes that position us as leaders in the marketplace. We strive to be on the cutting edge of manufacturing and in design trends in the woodworking industry. We are leaders in contemporary styling and our focus is to maintain that position within our niche by identifying emerging trends and technologies and adapting them to our business

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The manufacturing processes at Schenk are tailored to fit your design requirements. Our team of highly skilled experts manufacture your order using advanced technology and hands-on craftsmanship. This combination enables us to create products that make the difference.

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To be an industry leader means to change and invest in processes and methods that create value for all stakeholders. At Schenk, we take pride in the strategic investments we have made in processes and technology that enable us to utilize the highest quality materials and turn them into premium, world class components.

Integration with our enterprise system enables us to optimize our client’s orders for speed and efficiency, reducing waste, energy, and costs. Our CAD/CAM planning tools and CNC equipment utilize optimized schedules to ensure accuracy and quality is maintained to the client’s specifications.

Our industry leading Laser Edgebanders produce seamless edges that meet the performance and visual requirements of our most discerning clients. From electronic sizing control checks to custom packaging, our goal is to ensure that every component arrives at the client’s location safely and to the specifications as requested.

Adopting barcoding technology for continuous inventory management, investments in new equipment for our custom capabilities, and high-density material storage with a robotic retrieval system are just a few of the continuous improvement programs we have instituted.

Order Process and Design

At Schenk, we understand that the client experience is as important as the premium, world class components we produce. We continue to use a combination of electronic order process and direct client contact to ensure we have complete understanding of every order we accept.

We have invested in an enterprise system that connects client order information from first contact to the client location. This enables us to validate custom information, monitor inventories, and plan production capacity that provide the greatest clarity on manufacturing lead times.

Our ongoing commitment is to ensure the highest accuracy, quality, and shortest lead time possible for every customer order as we internally strive for continuous improvement.

Environmental commitment

Schenk is committed to continually improving and minimizing potential environmental impacts within each organizational unit by implementing environmental practices that comply with local regulations and government policies.

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Schenk not only has good work environment but is a place to grow personally and professionally. Explore the opportunities that this over 50-year-old company has to offer to you towards your  professional development.

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