Our Technology

Our Technology

As a company, Schnek is always in the pursuit of being at the top of the industry. That requires always the latest technology available.


Laser edgebanding utilizes the latest laser technology to produce a seamless joint between a panel and the edge tape. The precision and consistency that laser edgebanding delivers results in an extremely durable bond that is moisture resistant, free of visible glue lines, and contains no gaps.

Laser Edge


  • Laser edgebanding delivers a high quality zero-joint edge
  • Our laser edgebanders produce a flawless connection that is superior to all other edgebanding processes available in today’s market
  • The durable bond created from laser technology reduces opportunities for damage

Good To Know

  • Schenk is currently one of the only companies in North America that utilizes true laser technology
  • Laser edgebanding produces a high-end look that cannot be replicated by the traditional method of hot melt edging
  • The bond created through the laser edgebanding process is permanent and impenetrable to dirt making this a great option for sterile environments

Drilling & MachiningOperations

With a strong manufacturing background, Schenk has the capability to handle your unique design ideas. We utilize the latest technological processes to ensure the highest level of precision. Our wide range of panels are cut to your specifications providing you with the flexibility to create a space that’s right for you.

  • Schenk offers numerous machining options including custom shapes, angles, and cut-outs
  • Our robust manufacturing abilities enable us to produce complex, multi-part components

Cabinet doors can be prepped for door hinges upon request Schenk offers machining solutions for our manufactured products.

  • Vertical and horizontal drilling capability
  • Variable angle machining available
  • Customizable cut-out patterns
  • Flexible design options
  • Precise, clean cuts


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Quality Control

Our team of experienced woodworkers provide the necessary attention to detail to ensure our products achieve the high-end quality you expect.

All orders manufactured by Schenk pass through our QC department to ensure they meet our high quality standards. We utilize industry leading processes to verify that the items you order are the items you receive.

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