Schenk Comparison Feature Image

New Comparison Feature Instructions

New Comparison Feature Instructions

We are excited to present you the NEW Comparison feature available in Décors, Glass, and Monaco respective collection pages. This new feature allows you to select up to 10 different products and check the different specifications as well as available Made to Order options in one page.

Each one of the different decorative surfaces, Décors, Glass, and Monaco Collections has individual Comparison pages.

Let’s take a look at how this new feature works. To start open one of the following links

On the new tab scroll down to the product swatches.

Schenk Comparison Over View

Click on the Balance Icon located in the upper right corner of the swatch to add your selected product to the comparison list.

Schenk Comparison Swatch detail

Select up to 10 different products that you want to compare, to do this you need to click on the Balance Icon. You will know that you have been successful after the icon changes to a green checkmark.

Schenk Comparison Green Check

The same icon can be found on the individual product page for Décors, Glass, and Monaco respectively.

Schenk Comparison Product Page

Once you have selected the products that you want to compare you can return to the respective Décors, Glass, or Monaco Collection page and click on the Compare button, or if you are on an individual product page click on the green checkmark icon again to go to the comparison page.

Schenk comparison compare button
Schenk comparison compare button Detail

Now you are on the comparison page. Use the left and right arrows to move through your selected products and click the remove red button to eliminate them from your selection.

Comparison feature page

Now you know how to select and compare your favorite Décors, Glass, or Monaco products. Check this great addition to our website by yourself!.


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