Décor Collections

European inspired, our décor collection offers an extensive selection of high-end panels, edge tape, and laminates. Available in a variety of finishes, textures, and materials, we have everything you need to create the look you want.


Hardware & Consumables

Add the finishing touches to your project with our decorative hardware and consumable solutions. Schenk offers a broad range of high quality products that are designed to meet your needs.


Acrylic Panels

Our exclusive collection of acrylic panels are available in a broad range of patterns and textures. Durable, strong, and easy to cut, these panels are an excellent option for any specialized project.



Our comprehensive line of Monaco panels are available in a wide assortment of tones, patterns, and textures. Versatile, flexible, and easy to install, these European panels make it easy to complement your project.


Aluminum Profiles

Contemporary and stylish, our unique selection of aluminum profiles enhance the look of any setting.