Filter System Feature Image

Filter System Instructions

Filter System Instructions

As part of our continuous search for improvement, we are glad to present you with the improved Filter System for our DécorsGlass, and Monaco Collection pages. This feature it’s been reworked with new options and abilities to allow our customers to search for the specific product that better suits their needs. No matter if you are browsing or in search of a specific product these filters will be of great help.

Let’s take a look at how the Filter systems work. For this particular example, we will be looking at the Décors Collection filters. You can find it at the link below, or at the bottom of any of the Made to Order pages.

In the case of the Filters under Made to Order pages it will only display the specific Décors that can be use with the particular component. As an example only the Décors suitable to make a Slim Shaker door will display on the Slim Shaker Door and you will be able to filter under that paramenter.

as a start, let’s open the link to the Décor collection page:

Once you are on the Decor Collections page, scroll down to the Décor swatch and filter. As you can see if you keep scrolling down more Décors will load until you reach the end, loading our current selection of 249 different Décors. Pretty tuff to find the product that you are looking for right?

Filter System Decor Collection 1

To start look at the Filter system panel.

Filter System Decor Collection 2

On the panel, we can see three distinctive Blocks.

  • Search Décor Name… – Where if you can type the name of the Décor that you are looking for.
  • Décor Collections – Here you can select to see specific Collections. You can select any number of Collections at the same time.
  • More Filters – For a more advance search, click on the button to display all the options.

The number in brackets represent the number of Décors under that option. When more Filters are selected those numbers will go down to represent the number of Décors available under the sum of all Selected Fitlers.

More Filters Tab

Comparison feature page 1
  • Sheen – The amount of light reflected off a surface independent of its color.
    • High Gloss– Shiny and light reflecting, giving it an almost mirror-like look.
    • Matte – Having a smooth even surface free from shine or highlights.
    • Super Matte – Smooth even surface zero to non shine or Highlights.
  • Material – The material of the finish panel.
    • HPL – HPL Stands for High Pressure Laminate.
    • Lacquered – A thine coat of lacquer that gives a smooth finish.
    • TFL – TFL stands for thermally fused laminate.
    • Wood Veneer – A thin layer of hardwood.
  • Edge Tape – Avaiability of the four different types of Edge Tape.
    • Glue Tape – Tape coated on one side with an adhesive mixture.
    • Laser Tape – Edge tape exclusive for Laser edgebanding machines.
    • Glue On End Grain Tape – Glue tape that captures the natural look of a cut wood.
    • Laser End Grain Edge Tape – Laser tape that captures the natural look of a cut wood.
  • Panel Thickness – Panel thickness available.
    • 22mm
    • 19mm
    • 8mm
    • 6mm
  • Texture – The visual or tactile surface characteristics and appearance of the Décor.
    • Deep Texture – Décors with extream textures.
    • Flat – For smooth finishes
    • Linear Grain – When the texture follows one direction.
    • Metallic – integrit texture that resembles a metallic finish.
    • Woodgrain – For textures that resemles wood.
    • Synchrinzed Woodgrain – For textures that follows the color patern of the Décors.
    • Textile – A textile like Texture.
  • Core – Material of wich the Décor panel is made of
    • MDF – Aabbreviation for medium density fibreboard.
    • Particle Board – Material made in rigid sheets or panels from compressed wood chips and resin.
    • Plywood – A strong thin wooden board consisting of two or more layers glued and pressed together with the direction of the grain alternating.
  • Brand – You can select Décors by one of our premium brands.
  • Color – You can filter by one of the main color that .

Similar Filters can be found on the Glass and Monaco collections.

Removing Filters

Now that you know how to use the filter systems, let’s take a look at how to remove specific filter selections and all of them if you wish to do so.

The selected filters will appear on the top of the Décor swatch area, marked the filter category and the option that has been selected.

FilterSystem DecorCollection 5

Here we can see it in detail.

FilterSystem DecorCollection 6

To deselect a specific filter you need to click on the X mark on the top of the Filter option. And automatically the system will refresh the Décor swatches.

You can also click on the Remove filters button to remove all the Filters at once and refresh the entire listing.

Now you know how to select the different filters and find the specific DécorsGlass, or Monaco products that you are looking for. Check this great addition to our website by yourself!.


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