Kitsilano Kit

Kitsilano Kit
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16 SAMPLE SIZE: 4″ x 6″ (150mm x 100mm) Pieces


Complete Kitsilano Collection Sample Kit.

Transform an uninspired space into a lively work of art with the highly creative Kitsilano décor collection. Profound design inspirations give you the freedom to create a setting that captures your own unique individuality. A vast range of patterns influenced by nature combine with contemporary tones to produce a landscape infused with energy and style. Meticulously crafted and exceptionally defined, the Kitsilano collection is a must for any project.

  • Bar Heartwood Walnut
  • Bar Knob Oak
  • Borke Rustic Grey
  • Borke Walnut
  • Burned Wood
  • Diamond White
  • Diamond Grey Oak
  • Ocean Schoko
  • Ocean Walnut
  • Ocean White
  • Sisal Grey
  • Sisal Schoko
  • Spalt Black
  • Spalt Walnut
  • Smooth Bark Black
  • Smooth Bark Rustic Oak
  • Wave Schoko
  • Wave Walnut
  • Wave White

All images contained reflect our décor as closely as possible, but due to the lacquered finish actual products may vary slightly in appearance. To verify the exact tone and finish, we recommend ordering a sample.